Developer Conference Yangon – 2013

The 3rd Developer Conference in Myanmar will be held on November 23rd – 24th, 2013 at the MICT Park, Hlaing University Campus, Yangon, Myanmar. The conference is opened to all IT professionals who are involved in any kind of software and software related solution development; including but not limited to web applications, mobile applications, consumer applications, corporate applications, cloud computing, game programming, educational software, device drivers, natural language development, database design and administration, software testing, machine automation, character and voice recognition, image processing, data mining and processing, and security related software.

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This year theme is “Leap Forward

The “Leap Forward” theme is the combination of two terms “Leap frog” and “Move forward”, which aims to call for the IT industry to not only leap frog but also move forward in both technologies and system changes.

The 2013 Developer Conference Working Group (DevCon-WG) invites all interested parties to submit proposals for the DevCon 2013-Yangon conference sessions. The presenting speaker must be a Software-industry Exposed Person (SEP), meaning any individual with substantial software related experiences. The topic delivered shall aim to have noteworthy impact on the audiences. In general, the DevCon-WG would like to see the content of the presentation to be under the following areas:

  1. Mobile Application Programming and Development
  2. Web Application Programming and Development
  3. Game Application Programming and Development
  4. Software Quality Assurance Techniques and Best Practices
  5. Software Project Management Techniques and Best Practices
  6. Developer Solution Techniques and Best Practices
  7. Software security Techniques and best practices
  8. Latest Software Industry Trends and Opportunities

Key Dates:

  • 28/9/2013 – Presentation Proposal Form (Title and Abstract Only)
  • 7/10/2013 – Acceptance Notification
  • 1/11/2013 – Presentation Material Submission
  • 23/11/2013 – DevCon-Yangon 2013 Opening

Submission Process:

Requests for speaker/topic and presentation proposals (see appendix) could be submitted via e-mail, or fax. Forms can also be downloaded here.

Review and selection Process

DevCon 2013-Working Group will categorize and select a list of topics and presentations that are most suitable and will best fit into the DevCon2013 –Yangon schedule. For requested topics, the DevCon-WG will search for the most suitable presenters. The DevCon-WG reserved the right for final decision on the selections. The selected presentation list (title and presenter) will be published by October 7th. The selected presenters must prepare and submit the full presentation no later than November 1st.

Presentation materials and format

Presentations should be in Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 or later. If the presentation is in any other format, it is the presenter’s responsibility to provide the application environment to run the presentation. Each presentation may have optional demonstrations, tools, images, and motion pictures. A personal computer will be provided for the presentation, but it is the presenter responsibility to ensure that all documents and demonstrations are event ready ahead of time to ensure smooth presentation within the given time period.

Total time allocation for each session is 50 minutes, of which 35-45 minutes time allocation for presentation, and additional 10-15 minutes for questions and answers.

Lightning Talks

This year, we are adding “Lightning Talk” sections. There will be 4 to 5 lightning talk sections arranged for an hour period in each of the conference room in each conference day. The time limit is set at 10 minutes. The format is free talk, but speaker may choose to put up pre-submitted materials on the projector. The aim is to be short but effective knowledge sharing. Interaction between speaker and audience could happen if time permits.